A Community Driven Minecraft Experience For Everyone!

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Version: 1.15.2
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What is PhoenixCraft?

Phoenixcraft, is a Minecraft server created with the idea to create memorable experiences for all of its players!

We offer a variety of unique gameplay aspects, as well as opportunities to create whatever you can imagine.

Notice: PhoenixCraft now requires user verification, in order to play, you MUST verify with us on our Discord server!



SMP / Vanilla

The simplistic nature of SMP (Survival Multiplayer) makes it possible to whatever you want! Make a town, live on your own, it's up to you!


PhoenixCraft as a unique take on it's economy as it's entirely player-based. No server/administration intervention at all, keeping all items obtained legitimate.

A Strong Community

PhoenixCraft takes pride in it's community, as you're all the ones who help drive the gameplay experience for yourselves! Without you, none of this would be possible!

Donor Roles

Help support PhoenixCraft! By Donating you get access to a variety of commands and a bonus of $25,000!

Server Information

Server (Host) Information:

PhoenixCraft is hosted locally in Saint Louis, MO on a Dell R710 via FTTP (Fiber to the premises) service under a hypersecure environment.

The server is operated in a VM allocated the following specifications:
  • Dual x5670 Xeon Processors (4 cores allocated)
  • 18GB of server memory (16 allocated)
  • 256GB+ (Expandable upon necessity)
  • Fibre optic internet access with speeds reaching 1000/1000 (Upload/Download)

Contact Us:

Need help? No problem!

Administration of PhoenixCraft is available via the following means:
  • Email us at: [email protected]
  • Contact an admin or moderator via the Discord server
  • Privately message an admin or moderator on the server with /msg
  • Speak up! We want to know if people are causing trouble. See something, say something!
  • Interested in donating? Message Phoenix#2432 or email [email protected] to get in touch!